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There are a lot of different sites on the Internet (including the shadow Internet) where psychoactive substances are sold. If you are faced with the task of acquiring these “funny” substances as quickly, reliably and more profitably as possible, then you are at сайт MEGA darkmarket. The greatest site on the dark web with an advanced guarantee system, responsive tech support and an overwhelming amount of different positions. You can buy even marijuana, even speed, even LSD, even pyrovalerones, and even exotic things that you did not expect to see in your country – and that’s real. Guarantee of quality, moneyback and quick resolution of any problems (although they almost never arise).

How to enter the darkmarket MEGA сайт and not be deceived by scammers?

Of course, there are no barrels of honey without fly in the ointment, and in our barrel, two variables are nominated for the role of tar at once: law enforcement agencies and rival sites. Both of them are trying to hack the site, arrange DDoS attacks, forge links, etc. Therefore, the площадка MEGA даркнет marketplace always has spare mirrors, searched for the query “площадка MEGA зеркало-ссылка” in Google and Yandex. We recommend that you be careful what links you follow and use only .onion mirrors whenever possible. But there are also more mundane addresses that work without proxies, VPNs and other means of bypassing blocking.

We also strongly advise you to avoid simple passwords like QWERTY, do not use your name as a login. Even if the login is not your name, it should be as different as possible from it. The same applies to your e-mail: Maxim Erokhin, whose mailbox is located at [email protected] is desirable to have a login like DarkStalker2000 so that it is not clear who this account is behind. A password is best made up of 25 characters or more, including uppercase letters, small letters, numbers, and special characters. A good password is CymraegHorizonGesundheit764!, as it is long, relatively easy to remember, and dictionary-proof—the words it uses belong to three different language families. It is also highly recommended to use the login-password combination only once. On another site, create a different username and password for yourself. It is also desirable to make nicknames unique. If one of your accounts gets hijacked, diversity will help protect your other accounts.

List of the most frequently asked questions:

  • Why is the marketplace not working?
  • Can I have a list of mirrors on the dark web?
  • How to distinguish official mirrors from “fake” ones?
  • Which link of the ссылка MEGA даркнет marketplace is relevant now?
  • How to access the site using Tor Browser?
  • What is a ссылка MEGA darkmarket and how does it work?
  • How to order a product?

In case of problems with logging into the site, we recommend using trusted official mirrors. Be sure at least one or two of them will work during attacks by Roskomnadzor hackers or competitor companies.

MEGA даркнет official website

Our addresses are only fully verified and functional. We are not the first Yandex search results page where you can stumble upon phishing links.

The onion ссылка is open around the clock. You can buy interesting surfactants both night and day, and you do not need exotic payment methods. To purchase, you can use a bank card (VTB, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank), mobile phone balance (MTS, Megafon, Tele2 or Beeline). Also, payment is possible using crypto wallets, QIWI wallet and YooMoney service.

The площадка MEGA onion marketplace offers you not only drugs. The site also has its own exchange offices (BTC), a forum with numerous people who can explain or suggest something to you. The site is constantly evolving, but its popularity is growing faster than any – even the most daring – fantasies, and therefore sometimes there are delays in the operation of the resource. In this case, we recommend that you just wait a bit – the site will “wake up” and give you the opportunity to enjoy a fast, profitable and reliable deal.

Correct ссылка MEGA onion in TOR

It is very easy to order a hack or a DDoS attack on the darknet, and this is actively used by rival organizations and law enforcement agencies, so the ссылка MEGA darkmarket site may be unavailable from time to time. The workaround is to go through a mirror protected from hackers.

Each dealer and currency exchanger has its own page with discussion, rating, user reviews and comment threads. With their help, you can easily find out how reliable this or that seller or currency exchange service is маркетплейс МЕГА даркнет. The choice of an exchange point directly depends on how much money you can spend on purchases and how quickly the transaction will go through.

If for some reason you could not find the product you ordered at the specified coordinates or could, but the size and / or quality did not satisfy your requests, you can open a dispute in which you must explain what happened and what you did not like. A good knowledge of the rules of the site will be a bonus and will help to achieve timely and full compensation.

The home page of the даркнет MEGA сайт trading platform contains up-to-date information, such as ways to bypass blocking and what to do if the site has been “hanging” and unavailable for a considerable time.

Tor Browser – the best browser for anonymous Internet surfing – is distributed absolutely free. You can help the authors by making a donation on the official website. This will help make the browser even faster, more convenient and safer.

How to find the MEGA площадка using the Tor Browser

All pages of the site are on the darknet network. They are located in places hidden from ordinary eyes – the so-called shadow directories. It is safest to use .onion mirrors – due to encryption and a very long address of random characters, these sites are almost impossible to hack. Even with the help of a supercomputer, this would take a very long time – so long that the question would become irrelevant months or years before a successful hack. You can find these mirror links on the ссылка MEGA darkmarket talk pages – they are available even if the main site is not available.

Also adding a mirror to your list of bookmarks will help save your time.

The site allows you to exchange for BTC (Bitcoin), if for one reason or another you do not want to consider a deal on BestChange.

We are not the Ministry of Health, but we warn you: the use of drugs and other psychoactive substances is harmful to your health!

While abroad now and then one or another law is being promoted, mitigating penalties for the possession, sale, use, distribution and production of drugs, and the ban on certain substances is being lifted, the CIS as a whole and Russia in particular live on different rules – even marijuana is prohibited here. Therefore, it is necessary to encrypt and use shadow sources of drugs. The сайт MEGA onion marketplace is the best choice in this matter.

What to do if there was a “miss”? “Underweight”? “Whitewash” instead of powder?

Within twelve hours from the date of purchase, you must attach maximum information about the transaction: the name of the store, coordinates, photographs, a video report is desirable. You must show the measurements on special accurate scales. Do not be rude, do not be rude and do not “flood” – this will only reduce your chances of solving the problem. Also, compensation is not possible if you have been inactive in the dispute for one day (twenty-four hours) in a row.

New accounts with a very low and even more so zero number of transactions usually cannot count on compensation. But in the event of a proven egregious violation on the part of the seller, you can get your money back or the coordinates with a “bookmark” that fully compensates for the problem.

The administration of the resource reserves the right not to pay compensation and not provide assistance if you flood, spam or otherwise violate the culture of communication.

If you feel like you have been weighed down, you should consistently record the unpacking and weighing of the product on special accurate scales. We need photos both “before” (in a ziplock) and “after” (on a weighing plate).

Площадка MEGA onion: reviews and forum

The площадка MEGA даркнет will allow you to effortlessly purchase XTC, MDMA, THC, psilocybin, 2C-B, DOB, nBOME, cocaine, methadone, mephedrone, cones, crystals, any kind of salt, alpha, MDPV, as well as LSD and other drugs. The site has a very simple and at the same time beautiful catalog, thanks to which you can easily and easily find what you need. There are always a lot of couriers and goods, the purchase will not be difficult, especially if you are in a metropolis or just a large settlement (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar). The service works around the clock – you can make a transaction at any time convenient for you. You can place an order both from a personal computer and from a tablet, cell phone or other device (iOS, Android – in Google, Yandex you can easily find the necessary applications for browsing in .onion networks).

The ссылка MEGA сайт is sometimes inaccessible to guests due to the attempts of the justice authorities to destroy it with the help of bans, hacks and blocks. But the largest trading platform in the CIS will withstand any problems – if the зеркало MEGA сайт is unavailable, you can either bypass the blocking by going through any of the trusted mirrors, or simply wait until our programmers beat off the threat.

How to make a purchase on the сайт MEGA darkmarket?

  1. We go to the official MEGA сайт or to a safe mirror (make sure you go to the right site several times, and not follow the “left” link from the Yandex issuance)
  2. We go through registration, indicating the login, password and account name (both the login and the password should be simple and memorable for you, but unguessable for intruders)
  3. We put money on the balance (it is possible both from a phone number and from a bank card; both from a qiwi wallet and cryptocurrency)
  4. In the catalog we find the store with the best reviews and the best coordinates, select the product and click “buy”

Technical support and staff of the MEGA ссылка-зеркало are always ready to help with any problem that arises. We have links for both Tor browser and clearnet. We insist on using only .onion mirrors and the Tor Browser, so your transactions will go through with the maximum level of anonymity and security.

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  1. Добрый день! Скажите, пожалуйста, когда с телефона можно будет нормально попасть на мегу? Уже три недели с телефона крутится залупа и пишет (будете перенаправлены на сайт авторизации и т.д.) пишет типа примерно через минуту. А по факту пол часа сидишь и бля…. с компа хоть через минут 5-10 заходит, а так то бывают ситуации когда и не у компа сидишь… ну и в заключение, по сравнению с прошлым годом в этот период времени мега хоть стабильно работала, а теперь начиная с лета примерно, начали вводи всякие новшества и т.д. и все обосралось напрочь. Не зайти на сайт, поиск лагает и выдает всякую дичь, с авторизацией проблемы, с капчей проблемы, с битками бывают проблемы. Магазам вообще сочувствую….. Мега, братки верните нормальных работяг себе, а то это просто ппц какой-то… я вот прям сейчас уже час смотрю на телефоне как крутится залупа… мосты меняю и т.д. не кормите меня этой штукой плз… до разных обновлений заходил без проблем…

  2. Это совершенно новая площадка в плане юзабилити и функционала. Революционный взгляд на мир дарк-маркетплейсов.
    Лучше один раз увидеть, чем тысячу раз услышать 🙂
    Только не забывайте, что ссылка мега должна быть официальной.

  3. Вопросик, если клад сделан под окном на магните. Это считается нарушением правил 2.2.1? Так магазин на мега даркнет ещё начинает юлить, что там есть дорога. Хотя по карте видно.

  4. Good afternoon, dear representatives of the site МЕГА даркнет! I ask for help, as there is absolute silence in my dispute. I would like to clarify about p.p. 1.4 if the store does not respond within 24 hours after the creation of the dispute. In my case, the store answers every two days, is that normal?
    Regarding the situation, I took the goods (gash), and they gave me a treasure-cache near the road, which was made at least 3 months ago. Naturally, I did not find anything and informed the store about it. But it feels like he doesn’t want to go forward. Not only does he answer every two days (and now he’s completely silent), he also asks strange questions, they say, did I take a photo before the search? I do not think that in this situation this question is appropriate, because the location has changed dramatically during this time. Of course, I filmed treasures from six months ago, but they were not near the road and were buried! Here is an absolutely disregarding treasure that was not found. I will attach screenshots with correspondence and dates of messages. please, please, help!

  5. Top sellers on the market. Already more than ten transactions and no problems. You can top up in XMR Monero, which is an undeniable advantage compared to other sites. Thank you team for your hard work, keep up the good work!

  6. Hello everyone ✌️

    I got a position on the сайт MEGA darkmarket, the link is correct through the tor. For now, I will not voice this store, hoping all the same for their integrity and a solution to this problem. With all the commissions came out 5k. I took a dig in the ground (shovel) gave out a cache in the foliage. Arriving at the location, it was discovered with the naked eye that they were looking for the treasure in the place where it lay and they clearly knew where my white 2-3 cm white pack was. The store resells the addresses again or the courier collects the addresses back after filling in, since the place was clearly touched a long time ago, even the soil dried up, in the dispute the store does not see its fault and the courier, who answered me in the dialogue is also not clear, they didn’t even try to help, but immediately wrote back we do not see our guilt in the dialogues. How can this be quickly resolved?

  7. Hi all! The площадка MEGA даркнет team is always in touch, quickly and politely responds to messages in PM, well, every issue is always resolved as a result, this is a very high maintenance service, yes there are nuances in the operation of the site, but I think and sincerely hope that everything will get better soon.

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